Dave Fans Enjoy The Simple Things

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Quick quiz. What do jogging, reading, spending time with your family, and cooking dinner have in common?

Answer: They don't cost you a dime but are simple things you can do to enjoy life. Lots of Dave Ramsey fans do these and other creative activities every day. Check out the easy and fun ways they've discovered to pass the time:

We blast the music through our stereo system and have "Club Day" at our house. With four teenagers, it can get really loud! Cheap and fun! —Roshele in California


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For me, it's sitting on the lawn and watching my horses run in the pasture. There is nothing more beautiful or powerful. —Cynthia in Illinois

My wife and I spend $40 a year on fishing licenses. Then we pile into the car and have a fishing/picnic day. —Gary in California

I love it any time I do something with my hands, like making dinner, gardening or stitching. Creating something real and tangible floats my boat. I made a specialized rake last year, and the memory still thrills me. —Sara in California

I love having the kitchen cleaned up from dinner before I go to sleep, getting into a freshly made bed after a long hard day, and spending lazy Saturday mornings reading and watching movies with my husband. Ah, that's the life! —Amanda in North Carolina

I play board and card games weekly with friends. It is such a great time, and snacks are the only expense. —Kristin in Vermont

I absolutely love to cook. I usually spend about two hours a day in the kitchen, and it's very relaxing. —Brandon in Georgia

I really enjoy sitting and visiting with my husband while having something to drink, especially on the back porch in good weather. —Phyllis in Kentucky

When I'm by myself, I enjoy posting things for sale online, reading the My Total Money Makeover forums, and reading a book or magazine in bed (especially one from the library, borrowed, or gotten really cheap online). —Jennifer in North Carolina

Sidewalk chalk! The first day it feels like spring, the kiddos take a fresh box of sidewalk chalk outside. —Heather in West Virginia

Focusing on the enjoyable, simple things in life will help keep you centered, and it doesn't disrupt your life with debt. The noise that comes from debt—be it a pitch for a credit card, a collector call, a fight with your spouse, or an extra job—makes you miserable. It disturbs your peace because you always have money worries in the back of your mind.

The sooner you start your debt snowball and get that "money noise" out of your life, the more peace you'll have.

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