Dave & Credit Industry Horror Movie Titles

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Since its Halloween time, we asked our followers on Twitter and our fans on Facebook: “If there was a horror movie based on Dave Ramsey and the credit industry, what would be a good title?"

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“The Night of the Living DEBT”

Honorable mentions include:

  • Ramsey Scissor Hands (“Edward Scissor Hands”)
  • The Tennessee Credit Card Massacre (“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”)
  • Debt Man Walking (“Dead Man Walking”)
  • FICO the 13th (“Friday the 13th”)
  • Evil Debt (“Evil Dead”)
  • Sixth Cents…I See Debt People (“Sixth Sense”)
  • I Know What You Charged Last Summer (“I Know What You Did Last Summer”)
  • Bankruptcy the 13th (“Friday the 13th”)
  • The Last Foreclosed House on the Left (“The Last House on the Left”)
  • Invasion of the Money Snatchers (“Invasion of the Body Snatchers”)
  • Children of the Card (“Children of the Corn”)
  • Debt Cemetery (“Pet Cemetery”)
  • The Owe-Men (“The Omen”)
  • The Kids Think They're Next
  • Foreclosure on Elm Street (“Nightmare on Elm Street”)
  • Rosemary’s Baby…Steps (“Rosemary’s Baby”)

Got another funny one? Post a comment below.

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