The Cyber Monday Deals You Don't Want to Miss

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Happy Cyber Monday! It’s the day of the year when every online retailer on the planet is trying to sell you something.

And maybe you’re torn. You want to take advantage of all these online deals, but you hear Dave in the back of your head saying, "Buyer beware! Don’t fall for their marketing tricks!"

Cyber Monday is good . . . If you have the cash.

Let’s clear something up: We want you to save money! And if retailers want to lose money so you can save money on the gifts you were already going to buy for Christmas, let them! Just make sure those "can’t miss" online deals are in your budget.


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Getting an amazing discount is great as long as you have the cash on hand and room in your budget.

That’s why we’re joining the Cyber Monday craze by offering our best-selling books, classes and products for everyone on your Christmas list at ridiculously reduced prices. So if you’ve got it budgeted, take the deal!

Ramsey Store Online Deals for Cyber Monday

The Total Money Makeover $24.99 $9.49

Are you ready to change your financial future, but don’t know where to start? Then you need The Total Money Makeover. Through Dave’s Baby Steps you’ll learn how to create a budget, get out of debt, and make a plan for your money! This book has sold more than 5 million copies and spent more than 200 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list. Get started with the plan that works!

Financial Peace University DVD Home Study $149 $109

It’s time to destroy debt, create a plan for your future, and live like no one else. Buying the Financial Peace University DVD Home Study means you can take the class on your own schedule—and from the comfort of your couch! How convenient is that? But Cyber Monday is the last day we’ll be offering the DVD home study version of FPU ever. We’re sending this product off into the sunset, but it’s going out with a bang and a huge discount! Get it today before it’s gone for good!

Financial Peace Junior $24.95 $18.99

Do you want to raise money-smart kids? Financial Peace Junior makes it easy and fun to teach your kids how to spend, save and give. You’ll get all the tools you need to make learning about money fun. It even includes a chore chart for your kids to track their progress as they work toward reaching their goals (like getting that new video game)! It’s a great way to show your kids how money is earned through work.

Deluxe Envelope System $34.99 $15.99

Trying to do a better job of sticking to your budget? Remember, cash is king! If you want to learn how to create better spending habits, you need our Deluxe Envelope System. Start paying for stuff with cash, and you’ll see Grandma’s way of handling money still works.

Retire Inspired $24.99 $9.49

If you’re relying on Social Security to have your back in retirement, you need to rethink your plan. National best-selling author and Ramsey personality Chris Hogan walks you through his process of how to secure a better future in his #1 best seller, Retire Inspired: It’s Not an Age; It’s a Financial Number. Start dreaming in high definition and start creating the retirement you want today!

EntreLeadership Career Bundle + DISC $100 $33

If you’re in business, you need EntreLeadership—Dave’s playbook on how he runs Ramsey Solutions. It’s essential reading for every leader. The bundle comes with three of Dave’s must-read books (plus EntreLeadership) and we’ve even thrown in the DISC Personality Test as a bonus!

DISC isn’t your ordinary personality test. This self-assessment will help you learn more about who you are and how you communicate. If you’re running your own business, a DISC Personality Test is great to have potential new hires take. You’ll learn more about who they are and the value they could add to your team. Dave uses it for each new team member at Ramsey Solutions!

The Legacy Journey DVD Home Study $179 $119

Do you want to become truly generous, continue to build wealth, and leave a lasting legacy for your family? Learn at home and on your own schedule with this home study of The Legacy Journey! You’ll get seven inspiring lessons on DVD, plus a beautiful, wooden keepsake box you can use to store all your important documents. The Legacy Journey DVD Home Study will help you gain confidence and peace of mind for your future.

Make It a Cyber Monday to Remember

Don’t buy something just because it’s a good deal. Buy it because it’s going to change someone’s life—and it’s on sale! Now, that’s something you can feel good about. Win-win!

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