Counseling as a Church Ministry

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What should you do when a family in your church is going through an extremely difficult time with their money?

Well, if you’re familiar with Dave Ramsey, then you know that Financial Peace University (FPU) is a great place to start. Sometimes, though, a few people in your church may need more thorough, one-on-one help.

That’s why we developed Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training. Since our first Counselor Training event in November 2000, Dave’s team has trained over 3,000 counselors—everyone from church staff and church members to businessmen and budding entrepreneurs.


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One church has seen major benefits from placing more than a dozen counselors through Counselor Training. In 2005, Grace Fellowship in Latham, New York, started teaching Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Class members began to ask more and more in-depth questions, even looking for detailed financial plans tailored to their needs.

Later that year, the church sent their first counselor to Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training in Brentwood, Tennessee. Since then, Grace Fellowship has placed 14 counselors through the program.

“The need for Financial Peace University and for someone to help people see how they can live it out, day by day, has never been greater,” said Rex Keener, Grace Fellowship Pastor.

With that thought in mind, Grace Fellowship has continued to expand its outreach, with Dave Ramsey trained counselors becoming the core part of the church’s counseling program and financial ministry.

“The Lord has provided gifted individuals as the ministry has grown, all of whom desire to use their spiritual gifts to serve Him. We have not yet needed to recruit counselors,” says Larry Van Norstrand, coordinator of Grace Fellowship’s financial ministry.

The church now hosts four FPU classes each year and provides follow-up counseling as needed. About 25% of their class members request counseling—available at no cost for those who complete the 13-week class.

One of Grace Fellowship’s counselees had this to say about her experience: “I think more than anything, the counselors want to see you become independent and have control of your financial situation. And that’s the sense of empowerment that you get. The counselors are so supportive, and I can’t thank them enough for everything that they have provided for me and all of the ways they have helped me reach my financial goals.”

If you would like to offer the people in your church and community this type of one-on-one guidance, then consider sending one or more representatives from your church to Counselor Training.

Learn more about how Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training is making a difference in churches.

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