The Graduate Survival Guide Identifies Costly College Mistakes

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Looking for a fun and informative gift for a graduating high school senior? Something full of wisdom that speaks passionately to college students and addresses the common money challenges they’ll soon encounter? Look no further than The Graduate Survival Guide.

What’s In The Graduate Survival Guide?

Featuring real-life college stories from Ramsey Personalities Anthony ONeal and Rachel Cruze, The Graduate Survival Guide identifies five costly mistakes that keep students from thriving financially in college and beyond. Here’s a sneak peek of what students can expect to learn.


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  1. Student Loans.
    The bottom line here is simple—paying back student loans always takes longer than you think and costs more than you want to spend. So students should avoid them at all costs! Don’t you wish someone had shared that insight with you when you were in college? The Graduate Survival Guide includes personal stories and practical advice to help students steer away from loans.

  2. Credit Cards.
    Despite what the credit card companies often tell new arrivals on campus every fall, there’s really no such thing as a free pizza, a free T-shirt, or a free anything. For hungry college students, the offer of a free gift in exchange for a credit card application can be enticing. But no freebie is worth signing up for something that leads to debt. The Graduate Survival Guide shares the facts about credit cards, dispelling not only the “free” gift myth but also many others that could trap students in a cycle of debt.

  3. Dumb Choices.
    Every young person, and especially every college student, must learn this: Your now impacts your tomorrow. That’s why it’s so important for young people to have the tools they need to make smart choices. From choosing the right major to avoiding scams, The Graduate Survival Guide gives students both the information and the inspiration they’ll need to make good choices throughout college and into adulthood.

  4. No Plan.
    It doesn’t take long for freshmen to realize the need for a detailed plan to keep track of all their classes, deadlines and study sessions. But far too many students fail to make a similar plan for their money—a budget. The Graduate Survival Guide helps students understand the importance of making and sticking to a budget as well as offers advice on things like insurance, making money and even budget-friendly date nights.

  5. No Money.
    Many of tomorrow’s millionaires are in college today. And when they hit seven figures, it probably won’t be from winning the lottery or signing that longed-for sports contract. Instead, they’ll reach millionaire status through the long and satisfying process of saving money over time. In The Graduate Survival Guide, students will learn five foundational steps for handling money, 10 reasons to save in college, and the power of having cash on hand.

A Must-Have Resource for College-Bound Students

No one should take on college without The Graduate Survival Guide. It’s the perfect gift for the graduating high school senior in your life to show them how to make good decisions and handle money throughout their college experience. In addition to the book’s financial wisdom and real-life stories, there’s also a humorous and informative DVD featuring Anthony, Rachel and college students sharing their insights about how to win with money—both now and in the future.

This is the gift you wish you had when you went off to college!

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