Don’t Let Collectors Trample Your Rights!

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Collector abuse is on the rise. If you’ve been harassed, you know how bad it can be. Tension, fear and panic run rampant at home and at work, and the worrying never stops.

Consider this example from real life:


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A collector phoned Bob at work and said his son, John, owed a debt (that was true) and was being sued (that was a lie). The collector told the father he’d call more family members if John didn’t call back right away.

The collector didn’t wait for a response. He called John's cousin and told him that same lie, even throwing in a completely false case number. This caused John’s cousin to do the collection agency’s dirty work and spread the malicious slander through the family. The emotional explosion rocked them all. John suffered severe distress, humiliation and embarrassment.

Some Useful Tips If You’re a Victim

  • Be realistic. Don’t expect this problem to go away. It won’t.
  • Keep the ball in your court. You don’t have to answer every call. Use an answering machine.
  • Communicate—as long as they remain civil. Avoiding the problem accomplishes nothing.
  • Don’t argue. That’s what they hope you’ll do.
  • Stay calm. Their goal is to get you upset so you’ll make a bad decision.
  • Don’t tolerate abuse or inappropriate language. Tell them to stop or you’ll hang up.
  • Record collector calls, if it’s legal in your state. Tell them you’re doing so.
  • Never let a collector move ahead of shelter and utilities, food, clothing and transportation—your Four Walls. Keep them intact and live to fight another day.

If you are being abused, Collection Bully can help.

Collection Bully knows what to do. Thirteen collection companies have closed after being sued by Collection Bully. They’ve never litigated a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) case and lost. Their success rate—by judgment or positive settlement—is 95%.

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