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Debt Free Screams

Single Mom Becomes Debt-Free and Celebrates by Giving Back!

2 Minute Read

As a single mom, Christi was always trying to give her daughter, Julia, everything she needed. But despite making a decent living, Christi couldn’t understand how her paycheck slipped through her hands each month.

“We were behind on the four walls,” Christi said. “And not because I didn’t make enough money. [It was] because I didn’t tell my money where to go.”

After Christi’s divorce was finalized, she had the wake-up call that she was now the only person in control of her money. “It was kind of a heavy feeling, but a freeing feeling at the same time,” Christi said.

She had the choice to continue living paycheck to paycheck or to draw a line in the sand and make a change for her family’s future forever. Christi began listening to Dave’s podcast every day and started implementing the principles into her life. She said she used the Baby Steps as “a light at the end of the tunnel with maps and bridges” to guide her along the way.

As Christi followed the pathway to financial peace, she began working the debt snowball and sold her clothes, purses and furniture. She cut the cable and internet to generate extra cash to throw at the debt. Christi even got rid of her hairdresser! She trusted a beauty school student with her locks and watched the salon bill go from $200 down to only $35.

While on her journey to becoming debt-free, Christi realized that although she tithed faithfully, she was unable to give above and beyond due to her own struggle within her finances. She wanted to build a legacy of generosity and selflessness for her daughter to follow—and Christi knew being debt-free was essential to that goal.

As they were about to become debt-free, Christi and Julia decided to celebrate by doing some outrageous giving! Watch the video below to see what they did:

Lives are being impacted and family trees are being forever changed through the help of The Dave Ramsey Show. Listen or watch the show online weekdays from 2–5 p.m. ET.

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