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How Your DISC Personality Affects Your Goal Setting

The DISC Profile System is one of the most important things we use around Dave’s office to help build culture.

The idea is that when you know someone’s personality style, you’re better prepared to talk with them and understand how they tick. You’re not surprised when a D personality is very blunt with you or when an S personality seems to close up at the first sign of conflict.

Knowing your personality style is helpful when it comes to interacting with people, but it’s also helpful for setting goals. So how do you set goals that compliment your strengths and weaknesses?

Let’s take a look at goal setting for each personality style.

D: Decisive Personality

The D personalities are the hard-charging guys and girls who just want to get stuff done! They’re great at setting goals, but they may run into problems when they lay out plans to achieve those goals.

If you’re a D personality, break down your goals into smaller milestones with a timeframe for each one. Stay focused by setting up reminders on your phone and on your calendar.

I: Interactive Personality

You know the I personalities. They are the fun-loving people-pleasers. They love to set goals and dream up things they want to achieve.

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If you’re a high I, list your goals on paper and prioritize the ones that are the most important to you. Once you have that list, create a specific plan that details how you want to reach each goal and in what timeframe. Again, an electronic calendar that reminds you of goal-setting milestones is an important tool to have so you can keep track of your progress.

S: Stabilizing Personality

The S personalities are the relationship people. Goal setting usually means change is coming, which immediately causes tension for an S personality—because they don’t like change.

If you’re an S, focus on the benefit of reaching a goal and how it will help you and others. It’s okay if you take longer than most to think about the most important goals you want to achieve. But remember, you don’t want to procrastinate, which is a little easier for an S. Set a timeline to make sure you have your goals in place by a certain date.

C: Cautious Personality

The C personalities are very focused on procedure and making sure things are done the right way. They don’t have a problem setting goals, but they do need help prioritizing, because a C wants to accomplish it all.

If you’re a C, focus on the most important goals for you. You’ll probably want to create a detailed, tactical plan on the steps you want to take to achieve the goal—and that’s great. Play off your strengths! As you begin the process of working on your goal, remember why it’s important and who is affected by it. Don’t get so focused on the process that you lose sight of the why. 

As you commit to your goals, don’t forget about your personality style. See how the DISC Profile System can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and help you achieve your goals this year!

Chris Hogan

About the author

Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan is a two-time #1 national best-selling author, financial expert and host of The Chris Hogan Show. He is a frequent guest on Fox News, Fox Business, Yahoo! Finance and the Rachael Ray Show. Since 2005, Chris has served at Ramsey Solutions, where he gives practical money advice on retirement, investing and building wealth. Learn More.