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By Chris

I am a banker which means that I've had training, experience, and some 'inside' info on financial processes that most people don't take the time to look into. All that to say, even I can't beat the credit card companies.


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I have a credit card through a bank outside of my work. I was eighteen when I received the offer for a business credit card. I didn't have a business but thought it would be cool to have a high end card, besides it got great rewards, right? I've paid off the balance every month. I missed the pay date a couple of times and was hit with some small fees but I figured the rewards made up for it.

Recently we put a new heat and air system in our house and I was going to be really smart and charge it to my card and pay off the statement when it came in...I was going to get $80 in rewards off this one purchase! As it turns out, my credit limit was $500 short of my balance after the purchase so I received a $39 overlimit fee. No worries I thought, I'm still making an easy $40 in rewards. My bill wasn't due for another 2 weeks but the new billing cycle started and because my balance was still high, I was hit with another $39 overlimit fee. After calling in and complaining and dealing and throwing a fuss, I still had the fees and came out of the deal with a net of $2 in rewards. Whoopdidoo.

I've paid off my credit card and cut it up because even a banker can't win at these games.

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