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Change Your Family Tree

Have you stopped lately to think about the legacy you’re passing on to future family generations—your family tree?

“Changing your family tree” can mean different things to each family, but the core goal remains constant: make things better for those who come after you.

Here are some of the ways that Dave fans are changing their family tree by taking baby steps each day.

Jill Walles is establishing a new “normal” in her home. “I know our children will make financial mistakes, but they will have been raised in a way that rejects the cultural ‘norm.’ They already earn money, save for things they want, and give at church—some seriously important lessons already learned!”

I'm changing the fact that just because my children were raised in a single parent household, they were not raised in poverty,” Robyn Fishers said. “My teenagers are being taught that when things get tough, you get to work and do not rely on debt. I have made them a part of this fight out of debt so they will realize it is not a fun trip. We have all learned so much in the past eight months since I went thru Financial Peace University. This is a 180-degree change from what I was raised with!”

Dave says that when broke people start acting like what you’re doing is weird, you’re probably on the right track! That’s what’s happening for Susan Haines’ family.

“We don't always have everything we want, but we have stopped using credit cards all together. Our parents use them for anything, at any time, and are always stressed out about having no money,” she said.

Lessons Worth Living

Charlotte Little says she is raising her kids to know that everything doesn’t come with a payment. “You can get what you want but you have to save up and buy in cash,” she wrote. “Debt takes too much away from families, so I want to teach my boys that being debt free is the way to be.”

“I’m changing my family tree by teaching my kids how to work for their money and not wait for it to be handed to them. I’m giving them responsibilities instead of doing it for them, and rewarding them according to their work,” said Cyndi Fifield.

“My children have sworn they will never get credit cards so they won't be burdened with massive debt,” said Tammy Dorrycott. “My older daughter spent hours every night applying for scholarships before she went to college last fall so that her college is paid for.”

A Legacy of Freedom

There is nothing better you can do for your kids than owning your situation and getting in control so that you don’t become a burden to them someday!

“The biggest thing is taking responsibility for myself,” said Sill Reico. “By changing my family tree, I'm praying my kids won't have to be responsible for me when I get older (as I am with my parents). I love them to pieces and would do anything for them, but sometimes it's difficult to carry my life and theirs. They did the best they could. They didn't know any better. But thanks to FPU, I do.”

“I used to think that to change my family's financial future meant to have a little money to leave them. At this late stage in life, we don't have that much yet,” said Karen Newton. “But what we do have are lives transformed debt freedom. Our family tree has been changed forever, and our marriage is set on a firm footing. That is a legacy far more lasting.

Remember, if you don’t like where things are heading, you hold the power to change it! You can set the example. You can make decisions and create habits that will forever change your family’s future! Start a free trial of Ramsey+ and take control of your finances!

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