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Relationships & Money

Capitalizing on a Teachable Moment

2 Minute Read

By Emily in NY

My husband and I are currently serving in Iraq (in separate locations) and recently went on leave together.

I started attending Financial Peace University while here and have been feeding my husband what I'm learning. Knowing that we were going on leave, I came up with a budget as we saved so that we could have a great vacation with my two stepsons.

When we arrived at the airport and went to pick up our rental car, we realized that the prices had gone up so the car we originally budgeted for was no longer in our price range. My husband and I decided to stick to our plan and got a smaller car, which in turn required some creative packing on my husband's part.

When we picked up the boys, they commented on the small car and how they didn't have much room in the car. We decided to use that as our first teaching moment. My husband and I explained that we were changing things in our lives. We had a budget we were sticking to, despite all of the surprises and great things we had planned. We then had a great discussion with the boys asking some great questions. They never again complained about the small car!

Thank God for teaching moments, so that our sons will never have to go through the pain and headaches that my husband and I have gone through in paying off our stupid taxes!

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