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Buy These 6 Items in April

3 Minute Read

The month of April is traditionally known for three things: showers, fools and taxes. Not the most inspiring collection of weeks, to be sure.

Fortunately, for the savvy shopper, April has a few treats in store. If you’re in the market for any of the items below—and you’ve already got the money set aside—now may be the time to buy.
 Here’s a quick list to get you started:

1. Technology

To make room for new-model cameras, computers and TVs arriving in spring, many stores offer deep discounts on last year’s stock. Do your research ahead of time and look for items on clearance. You should be able to find a quality camera, computer or TV at a decent price.

2. Easter Goodies

With Easter in the middle of April this year, the second half of the month is prime time for stocking up on Easter indulgences. Our favorites include the Reese’s eggs, Starburst jelly beans and—for some of the deranged among us—Peeps. You can also plan ahead for next year by buying discounted baskets for the kids.

3. Fall Bedding

Department and home stores are clearing out fall bedding in favor of light blankets with bright colors for spring and summer. Believe it or not, fall will come again. If you spent the past six months with a perpetual chill in the night time, go ahead and invest in a heavy comforter or flannel sheets for the future.

4. Running Shoes

January resolutions mean the gym is super crowded for about a month. Good intentions fade for a while until the sun starts warming things up in early spring. As new runners begin couch-to-5k programs and old runners get back in the swing of things, sneaker deals abound. Check your local running store for the best deals.

5. Last-Minute Getaways

As you know, warm-weather destinations morph into crazy town during the summer months. If you’ve got the vacation days—and the money, of course—take advantage of discounts available before the kids get out of school. Make a long weekend out of it by going on a cruise, laying out at the beach, visiting Walt Disney World, or traveling to a nearby waterpark.

6. Used, Well, Everything

Spring cleaning is one of those mutually beneficial acts. It clears out the house of the one doing it and provides plenty of well-priced treasures for the rest of us. Know what you’re looking for, then go on the hunt. Visit local flea markets, consignment shops and thrift stores; search online at sites like Craigslist and eBay; and make regular garage-sale runs in your town.

With a keen eye this April, you’ll discover all kinds of deals to be had. The key is to line your purchases up with your budget. If this list includes something you’ve been planning to buy—and you’ve got the money set aside—then it’s fair game!  Of course, if you don’t love it, it’s a bad deal, no matter the price. Make the most of your money by taking advantage of sweet sales this month.

What other awesome deals are you aware of for the month of April?

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