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10 Business Ideas You Can Use Today

For David Christianson, an instructional designer/course developer for Abilene Christian University in Texas, it’s as simple as a high-five at a moment of success as a quick, free acknowledgment of excellence. For Zef Banda, president and CEO of Banda Group International in Chandler, Arizona, it’s always remembering that his actions and words are powerful, and the people he is leading pay attention to everything he does and says.

Both of these small gestures may seem simple, but sometimes the little things mean a lot, especially when it comes to business and leadership. By taking a few moments each day, these two EntreLeaders are making a difference in how their companies grow and their teams prosper. And you can, too, by following these quick-to-implement tips from Dave’s EntreLeadership Master Series.

1. Set goals

Figure out what you want to accomplish for the second half of this year, get it down on paper, and watch the magic begin. “When you lay out exactly what you want to do in detail, you immediately start feeling the room move and the earth shake,” Dave says.

2.Cast your vision

Once your goals are set, let your staff know about them early and often. Casting your vision will inspire and fire up your team.

3. Pray about the big decisions

Always remember that you may own the company, but someone else is always in charge. And He is your go-to when it’s time to make the tough calls.

4. Show them the money

Want to make a team member beyond-motivated and ready to tackle any project? How about a $50 handshake for a job well done? It works every time.

5. Get braggadocious

Everyone, and we mean everyone, from the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to your mailroom clerk, longs for recognition. Let them know that they matter and are doing a great job. It refreshes their souls.

6. Set a date

Besides being good for you health-wise, taking a break from work helps avoid burn-out, sparks creativity, and rekindles passion for the job. In fact, some of the most successful ideas of all time were born outside the office. Pick up your calendar and schedule some days off right now.

7. Recognize their birthdays

Want to make a team member instantly smile? Wish them a happy birthday. No one is ever too old or superior to hear it.

8. Change it up

No matter the importance of the subject, meetings can quickly turn dull and uninspiring. For a burst of creativity, how about a change of venue? At Dave’s company, leaders sometimes meet with their team in the company’s coffee shop, outside or off-site to pump up the inspiration.

9. Pick up a book

Take a look at almost any successful business person and you’ll find one trait that almost all of them have in common—they love books. Carve some time out of your day to read a chapter or two of a book that will help you grow personally or professionally. Start with our fave—EntreLeadership!

10. Confront the issues

If you put up with people not doing a job, then people doing the job won’t want to do it. Don’t postpone dealing with a team member with character or behavioral issues. Take care of the problem or let them go.

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Businessman and Wall Street maverick Peter Cohen once said, “There is no giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps.” And we agree. Although the 10 tips above won’t make or break any business, they are an excellent start on your journey to success.

To learn more about business, team building and leadership, download our EntreLeadership Podcasts, which include lessons from Dave plus interviews with key business leaders from across the nation.

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