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Budgeting for the Month: September

3 Minute Read

The kids have returned to school. Football is back. Halloween and Christmas decorations suddenly appear on store shelves.

Yes, it’s September again.

Like any other month, there can be expenses that pop up in September that you didn’t see coming. For example, you may pay your car insurance twice a year. It happens just infrequently enough to throw you off; it can even feel like a Murphy visit, even though it’s a typical expense.

The key is to know about such costs ahead of time. Not only will it keep you from getting blindsided, but that heads-up can help to mentally prepare you. Okay, honey . . . we’ve got to save a little money because this big expense is coming up. Let’s be ready for it!

On that note, here are some items that usually make an appearance in the ninth month:

Winterizing expenses. If you have a boat on the water or a pool you’re going to close, start setting aside money to take care of it during the colder months.

Car insurance/car tags. Of course, these can happen any month of the year, but they may be coming due for you now. If so, don’t forget to include them in your spending plan.

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Christmas saving. We’ve got three months left before gifts start going under the tree. Hopefully the amount you’ve saved is getting to the point that you can start looking for gifts without flinching at the price tags.

Labor Day getaway. If you haven’t made your September budget yet and want to do an overnight trip, make sure to put it in your spending plan.

Thanksgiving holiday. It may seem a little early, but if you are taking a trip on Turkey Day or even just plan on hosting a bunch of people, you can start socking money away now.

Halloween. Yes, it’s not surprising to see stores selling costumes, decorations and spook-themed candy. If you come across a deal and have the cash, you might as well jump on it.

These are just a few possibilities. Each person’s situation is different, so even if some of the bullets on this list don’t apply to you, start thinking about your budget. Let this give you some ideas so you can put special attention on this month’s spending plan.

It’s a great way to keep from getting blindsided and an even better way to make Murphy run into a wall. If you know of other expenses for this month that aren’t listed here, put them in the comments section below to help others out!

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