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Budgeting for November: Special Expenses to Not Forget

3 Minute Read

In November, we travel. We eat. We shop for Christmas gifts. We eat some more.

The best way to enjoy this time of year and not lose control of your money is to make a budget for this month’s special costs.

Here are some budget items to be ready for in November:


Are you hosting Thanksgiving Day dinner for your family or bringing your favorite side dish to a potluck? Either way, you’ll need pots, pans and casserole dishes. Kiplinger says cookware discounts can be as high as 80% in November, so it’s a great month to budget for them if you need to add or replace an item in your collection.

Higher food costs

Plan your Thanksgiving recipes ahead of time so you can wow friends and family with your cooking (and budgeting) abilities. If you are hosting out-of-town family for more than a day, you’ll want to budget even more for extra meals and restaurant visits.


The last weekend of November is when you’ll find all the crazy big sales. Set aside some money so you can take advantage of the great Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts on things like TVs, clothes and technology.

Pet boarding

Just because you got an invitation to Aunt Elizabeth’s fancy Thanksgiving dinner two states over doesn’t mean Fido did. If your pet isn’t making the trip with you, then make sure to budget for boarding fees.

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Holiday travel

Plane tickets and hotel rooms aren’t the only travel costs to account for this time of year. Snacks at the airport, Uber or cab rides, parking garages, tips and extra gas money are some of the smaller expenses that can slip under your radar.

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Christmas decorations

You are probably excited to string up lights as soon as you’re done eating turkey on November 26. If you’re also in the mood to buy a peppermint scented candle or a new Christmas wreath, then make sure to set aside money to pay for it.

Higher utility costs

Low temps mean high heat bills. Keep your budget from getting burned by upping the amount you plan to pay for electric or gas heating.

When you make a plan for your money each month, you’ll have more peace of mind. And who doesn’t want to enjoy their turkey in peace?  

Create your November budget in less than 10 minutes with a free EveryDollar account!

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