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Leaving a Legacy

One Organization That’s Making A Difference

1 Minute Read

This time of year, it’s easy to get so caught up in traveling and shopping and giving gifts that we forget about people around the world who are barely surviving.

But not Blood:Water Mission. This Nashville-based organization is empowering communities in Africa to work together and fight against the HIV/AIDS and water crises.

Blood:Water Mission has helped provide clean water to more than 800,000 people in 11 different countries. They’ve also opened three HIV clinics, tested 40,000 people for the disease, and currently have 800 clients in treatment. These guys are making a serious difference in Africa.

And we want to help.

This Christmas, we’re donating $1,000 to Blood:Water Mission for every $10,000 we give away through our Christmas contests. This organization is doing great work, and we’re excited about supporting them in this way.

As you look for ways to make a difference with your money in 2013, we hope you’ll consider Blood:Water Mission. And be sure to spread the word about the outstanding work this organization is doing!

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