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Spread Hope as a Financial Peace University Coordinator

Spread Hope as a Financial Peace University Coordinator

2 Minute Read

“I never had the opportunity to learn [about] money growing up,” said Katie Linneman.

Like many twentysomethings, Katie was juggling credit card debt—more than $20,000 of it—and getting really frustrated with her finances.

That’s when Judy Zimmerman stepped in.

Judy is a veteran Financial Peace University (FPU) coordinator and a life-long friend of Katie’s. Using the principles of FPU, Judy led her family to pay off almost $750,000 on their family farm. For years, she’s been using FPU to help her community experience the same financial peace she has.

Katie recently started working in Judy’s office as a receptionist. When Judy overheard Katie talking to a coworker about her overwhelming credit card debt, she couldn’t help but share. “[Judy] walked right outside her office and said, ‘Nope! Dave Ramsey’s gonna teach you otherwise,’” Katie said.

It’s probably no surprise that Katie’s next move was enrolling in her first FPU class—coordinated by none other than Judy. The two spent an hour pouring over Katie’s budget.

“Because of [Judy] and that one hour she took out of her day to help me, I was able to pay off over $20,000 in debt in 19 months,” Katie said.

What happened over the next nine weeks in FPU completely transformed Katie’s life and how she viewed money. But she hasn’t stopped there. Judy’s influence has inspired Katie to follow in her footsteps and lead others to discover financial peace.

Lead others to financial peace! It’s easier than you think. Learn how.

“If we can make a difference for just one, that’s enough for me,” Judy said.


Whether you’re on Baby Step 1 or 7 or you’ve never taken FPU before, you can help people just like Katie take control of their money. Start making a difference in your community with Financial Peace University today.

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