Beating the Odds

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By Cameron in UT

This story actually concluded four years ago, but it will never get old to me.

Fresh out of business school, I was filled with ambition and courage. I confidently opened the doors of a new fitness center in my small home town in Idaho. Two years later, I closed those doors, shaken and discouraged.


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For the next seven years, I carried $50,000 of debt from that experience. Although I never earned more than $48,000 per year during those days, I also never missed a payment to a creditor. My moral convictions just wouldn't let me. So I slogged along, making no headway while trying to raise my young family.

Then one day, I got the news: My youngest son was diagnosed with a severe form of debilitating epilepsy. I knew immediately that things would have to change. I would never be able to carry the costs that would surely come with his disease while continuing to service my failed-business debt.

So with renewed determination to free myself of the burden, I got a second full-time job (and my wife's blessing to disappear each day for as long as necessary) and got to work.

For the next two years, I worked around the clock, frequently logging more than a hundred hours a week, chipping away at the mountain at the rate of $13 per hour.

Finally, in 2005, I paid off the final creditor and declared myself debt free! Amazingly, as Dave frequently hints, I have been additionally blessed with a significantly increased income, so my current salary now exceeds the combined salaries of those two years. I now have the resources to ensure the best care for my son and a comfortable life for my family.

Oh, and my youthful ambition and courage have returned full-strength. This is how life is supposed to be lived!

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