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TONIGHT: Watch Financial Peace Live from Home

Beat Back the Bully

1 Minute Read

Things are not going swimmingly for the Miami Dolphins.

The pro football team is currently dealing with some player issues after it was revealed that offensive lineman Richie Incognito had been bullying teammate and fellow lineman Jonathan Martin. Among the reported offenses is Incognito pressuring Martin into paying $15,000 for a player trip to Las Vegas that Martin didn’t even attend.

Martin has left the team and Incognito has been suspended indefinitely. There is currently talk in the media (based upon sources from within the football organization) that Incognito has played his last game for the Dolphins.

When it comes to your money, you don’t need to be bullied. You make a budget, you spend your money the way you choose, and you stick to the plan. If some jerk collector is trying to verbally shove you into paying your credit card bill before the mortgage, tell him/her to stick their head in the toilet then hang up.

Admit it—you’ve always wanted to do that, right?