Be A Leader At Work

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Want to get noticed at work? It's time to show you have what it takes to be a great leader and that you want an opportunity to prove it! No matter what level or department you're in, leaders are always needed.

Let's take a look at some leadership qualities that are easy to adopt into your current work style.

  1. Be hands on. Observe what's going on around you. Talk to people about things they do or don't like. Get insight and feedback from others. Don't hole yourself away in your office; get out and see what's going on in the company.
  2. Take charge of a project. Let your leadership skills shine by volunteering to head-up a project. Make sure it's a project that yields some kind of growth as the end result. Measurable growth makes a great leader. It shows that you know what it takes for things to develop and be successful.
  3. Be clear. Let the people you work with know exactly what you want. Convey your ideas clearly, leaving no ambiguity or room for interpretation. A leader makes sure their team understands what is wanted and expected of them.
  4. Take risks. Make yourself take some calculated risks. It shows that you don't always travel the safe and narrow path, that you're willing to take on something that may fail. If it fails, learn from your failure. If it is a hit, then celebrate!
  5. Remain focused. Know what you're going after and stay focused on your goal. Don't take on too many projects and assignments that hinder you from reaching your end target. You want others to see that you're a leader who knows how to manage your time.
  6. Be realistic. Leaders are driven but realistic. Don't demand too much of your team. Don't always strive to work on projects that continually eat up your time and take you away from other important job tasks.
  7. Listen. Leaders listen to their team and co-workers. Make time to listen to complaints, concerns, troubles, etc. from others. Listening shows that you care about your team and their happiness as employees.
  8. Give encouragement. Think of how you would appreciate an encouraging word from your leader every so often. Words can build people up and make them feel more valued and appreciated, thus making them better workers and more satisfied employees. Give some motivating words and see the difference in people.

Another great way to become an incredible leader is plugging into programs that educate you to better yourself. Financial Peace University is one such program that is beneficial in any area you want to grow as a leader – in your workplace, home, community, church, etc.


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