Are You Missing Out on These 9 Basic Discounts?

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Discounts can be found everywhere—not just with blowout sales or Groupon offers, but also on basic buys we make every day.

It’s fun to discover those small, easy ways to save. Check out these nine basic discounts that require little effort.

1. Upload Digital Coupons

More and more supermarkets are allowing customers to upload coupons directly to their in-store rewards cards. All you need is an internet connection and about two minutes of your time. Take that, Sunday circulars.


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2. Submit Any Rebates

Rebates are annoying. And retailers and manufacturers know it. Thanks to modern technology, though, rebates are becoming easier to submit online. Just don’t forget to do it. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be spending that $25 check six to eight weeks from now.

3. Talk to Your Cashier

This is a simple one. Like, super simple. The only effort required is that you talk to your cashier. Politely ask if you’re missing out on any coupons or discounts. They may have some coupons left over from another customer or a special code they can ring up. Just ask!

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4. Use Your Wellness Benefit

Does your workplace reimburse a certain amount of your gym membership? Or does your health insurance provider partner with certain health clubs? If so, turn in the necessary receipts or take advantage of this awesome benefit. Losing weight may cost less than you think.

5. Sign Up for Restaurant Emails

Pick three or four of your favorite restaurants and sign up for email alerts. You’ll have to sort through some duds, but every now and then you’ll score a deal like 15% off your entire meal or a free appetizer or dessert. If your inbox starts to overflow, just create a separate account and let the promos pile up.

6. Check Expired Coupons

You don’t normally clip coupons, but you actually spotted a winner several weeks ago. So you stuck it to the fridge and forgot about it, and now it’s expired. Rather than throwing it away, see if the store will still honor your coupon. And be extra nice to your cashier. Every little bit helps.

7. Redeem Your Loyalty Points

Each time you scan a rewards card, you’re earning points. But are you redeeming them for cool perks like discounted gasoline or free hotel stays? You should be. Use them before you lose them!

8. Be Flexible With Travel

Airlines and hotels usually discount their rates during less popular seasons and on less popular days. So go online and play around with your dates before you book your next trip. For a sizable enough discount, it may be worthwhile to change your travel plans.

9. Get Your Referral Bonuses

Find out if your cellphone provider or health club offers referral bonuses. If so, your good word could be worth a lot. Just be sure to get your special link or code and give it to any friends you refer. It can lead to a significant discount on your next bill.

Traditional coupons are a great way to save, but they aren’t the only way. So look around you and take advantage of all the basic discounts you may be overlooking.

It’s a shame to miss out on money this easy.

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