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Personal Development

Are You a Workaholic? Take the Test

1 Minute Read

Technology has changed our lives in many positive ways. But it has also made us available around the clock, seven days a week. And that’s not necessarily a good thing if you’re trying to create any semblance of a life or maintain a relationship. Working too many hours can lead to depression, out of control stress levels, loss of productivity and myriad health issues, not to mention the real possibility of your marriage and family falling apart. And guess what? Studies show that working longer hours often leads to lower productivity and lower-quality work. Take the test—and then, if necessary, take some steps to get back on track.


How to Avoid Burnout at Work

If you’re like most full-time workers, you know the feeling of burnout all too well. But the problem isn’t what you think it is—and there’s a lot more hope in this situation than you realize.

Has Overwhelmed Become Your New Normal?

"Most people think that stress is caused by having too much to do. It’s not that we have too many things going on; it’s often that we have the wrong things going on." Christy Wright helps you get rid of the wrong things in your schedule.

3 Smart Ways to Get More Out of Your Day

There are small changes we can make to reduce, outsource or automate these tasks and free up more time for what matters most. Here are three smart ways to carve out more time in your day.