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The Next Big Thing in Christian Radio

If you’re reading this, you’re probably no stranger to The Dave Ramsey Show.

Dave’s live call-in radio show airs on more than 500 stations nationwide. More than eight million of you tune in every week to hear inspiring stories of life change and the commonsense, practical advice Dave gives on life’s tough money questions.

But they’re never just money questions, right?

As you’ve listened to the show, you’ve realized that our relationship with money affects all areas of our lives. Wherever we are in the Baby Steps, we all want to be better managers of everything we’ve been given, but we don’t always know how to go about it. Dave recognizes this as the concept of “stewardship” and how we’re affected at a deep spiritual level beyond “I’m $60,000 in debt and have a $500 car payment.”

Dave wanted to partner with someone who could help Christians understand that God owns everything in our lives—our time, talents, relationships and money—and calls us to manage all of that for God’s glory. Someone who could shepherd callers down the path to true biblical stewardship in everyday life. Someone who could dive deeper into the life and spiritual questions that people need answers to.

And who better to do that than a pastor.

Enter Pastor Chris Brown, host of the brand-new weekday radio show Chris Brown’s True Stewardship. It launched June 1 and is brought to you by the same people behind The Dave Ramsey Show.

Who Is Chris Brown?

Chris had a troubled childhood, but by age 11, he was using his sole possession, a Sony Walkman, to listen to Christian radio preachers who offered him hope in the midst of chaos. Radio became his first introduction to Christ, so he knows firsthand its power to change lives.

He went on to become a dynamic young pastor and, like Dave, overcame his own financial struggles in the business world. Now he’s on a mission to provide biblical advice and expert solutions to callers asking about debt, wealth, retirement and money within relationships.

How Is It Different From Dave’s Show?

Chris’ show is a little different than The Dave Ramsey Show because he talks about everything through the lens of stewardship and what the Bible has to say about money. He helps listeners understand how they can handle other important areas of their lives—like marriage and parenting—in the context of true stewardship.

Each day, Chris breaks down topics in a way that makes sense, provides hope, and empowers listeners to live their lives with intentionality and for God’s glory.

Chris Brown’s True Stewardship launched in 20 major cities on June 1. Visit to find out if the show is broadcasted on a radio station in your area. Don’t get it locally? You can also visit the site to access the show’s podcast and to find more teaching, inspiration and resources for becoming a better steward in your own life.

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