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Investing & Retirement

How This Single Dad Became a Millionaire

1 Minute Read

Andy learned the value of working hard for his money at a young age. But little did he know he was already laying the groundwork for becoming a millionaire.

At 12 years old, he started his own business cutting grass and made over $1,000 that summer. As a young adult, he knew he wanted to work toward his goal of becoming a millionaire. Instead of letting it turn into a fleeting dream, Andy did something powerful—he wrote it down.

Saving become a priority. Andy got in the habit of paying himself first before he paid a single bill. At the beginning of the month, he’d set aside money for savings and then began investing in mutual funds.

According to Andy, it wasn’t making a lot of money that made him a millionaire, it was his decision to invest and look toward the future.

"I just wanted financial stability and peace of mind," he said.

Today, Andy is worth over $3.7 million! Watch his amazing story on how he did it.

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