Andrea's Story: 9 Years Later + $1,000 From Dave

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How many college students would love to get a call from Dave Ramsey with a gift of $1,000—no strings attached? Probably every single one!

But Andrea, a student at East Tennessee State University, can actually say she did!


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Andrea is a full-time, debt-free college student who recently won $1,000 from Dave during a giveaway. She first learned Dave’s principles through The Dave Ramsey Show and Financial Peace Jr. when she was 12 years old. Thanks to smart parents, she had a solid framework and proper understanding of money early on! Now she’s focused in college without the weight of debt!

Listen to Dave talk with her on air.

Andrea’s story is amazing and possible for each of your kids too. Start them down the road to debt freedom now with Financial Peace Jr., and they’ll thank you later! Financial Peace Jr. is filled with everything you need to teach kids 3–12 how to handle money. Buy yours today!

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