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Investing & Retirement

Becoming Millionaires One Day at a Time

2 Minute Read

After 37 years of marriage, Allan and Pam have many stories to tell. All of which have ultimately led them to where they stand today—millionaires.

But their story didn’t begin that way.

“We struggled our first four or five years just understanding what to do with money,” Allan said. “In our early 30s we weren’t living like millionaires, we were just trying to survive.”

Allan and Pam were sick of paying interest on their credit card. They were searching for a plan when Allan stumbled upon The Dave Ramsey Show 20 years ago.

“The plan was never to be a millionaire,” he said. “The plan was to be successful with the money we had.”

Once Allan and Pam were out of debt, they saved some of every paycheck, put money away in their 401(k), paid off their house, and even set aside college savings for their two sons!

“My grandmother always said, ‘You don’t spend what you don’t have,’” Allan said. And it was living with this advice in mind that helped Allan and Pam achieve millionaire status.

It was a simple plan—nothing flashy, nothing overnight—just good old-fashioned principles that translated into success over time.

Despite being millionaires, this California couple lives a life of moderate means. “We live a middle-class lifestyle. I’m really turned off by keeping up with the Joneses,” Pam said. “I have a ‘make do’ mentality—make do with what you have.”

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So how should you behave if you want to be a millionaire? Allan says it’s all about sticking to the budget and continuing to live by your values.

“You will be a success if you stay consistent month in and month out,” Allan said. “Money is a tool, but it doesn’t define me. My personal integrity defines me.”

Since becoming millionaires, Allan and Pam have been able to give like no one else.

“When people had a need in the past, I would close my eyes to it and say, ‘Well somebody else will take care of that,’” Allan said. “But now we’re more than happy to help them, because we have the ability to meet their needs. Whoever God puts on our doorstep is who I’m going to help.”

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Find the Right Financial Advisor for You

Find the Right Financial Advisor for You

Ask your financial advisor the right questions with our free interview guide.

Find the Right Financial Advisor for You

Ask your financial advisor the right questions with our free interview guide.