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Investing & Retirement

How Adam and Danielle Paid Off $100,000 in Debt!

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“When people ask, ‘Why are you doing this?’ my answer is kind of, ‘Why not?’” Danielle said. She and her husband, Adam, are now living a unique new lifestyle because of the diligent work they did to become debt-free.

When they got married in 2014, Danielle and Adam’s combined household debt totaled a whopping $100,000. After hearing from several people about Dave Ramsey and his debt-busting principles, the couple rallied together and started their own money makeover.

“I got tired of the phone calls from collectors that I forgot to make that payment,” Adam said. So they set up their budget, worked their plan, and are now on what Danielle calls the “4x4 family.”

Trading their “normal” lifestyle for “tiny living on the road,” Danielle and Adam sold their California home and are in a motorhome they paid for with cash.

“Being able to travel the entire summer and have a plan for when we’re done is certainly not in the norm,” said Adam.

“Living like no one else for us is having choices, having options,” Danielle added. “We don’t have to answer to somebody else or be slaves, in a sense, to somebody else. We can do what we’re interested in, what we want to do.”

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Danielle and Adam choose to live like no one else . . . because they can.

Find out more about Danielle and Adam’s 4x4 adventures and discover how you, too, can live with the financial peace they’ve found! Learn Dave’s 7 Baby Steps and get on the road to living debt-free!

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