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A New Way to Look at Regifting

5 Minute Read

There’s nothing like giving the perfect gift. The look on the recipient’s face! The sense of accomplishment you feel in absolutely nailing it!

But missing the mark is never fun. There’s the awkward few seconds of silence. The forced, halfhearted thank you. It’s enough to stress you out about every gift you ever give!

Our culture puts a lot of pressure on people to give the perfect gift. And at holiday time, that pressure builds because you’re giving so many gifts. It’s time to stop the madness. No, we’re not suggesting you quit giving gifts altogether. Generosity is part of the beauty of the holiday season!

The Power of Regifting

There’s a better way, and it means everyone can give good gifts. Ready? It’s regifting.

We know what you’re thinking: What kind of suggestion is that? But we’re not talking about rewrapping the neon salmon-colored polo shirt Great Aunt Bertie bought you last year. We’re talking about regifting a different type of gift—the kind you were born with. This is about giving of your gifts.

What do you love to do? How do you spend your free time? Those are your gifts—and they also make the best gifts when you give of them. That’s because you put your heart into them—and people appreciate that kind of time and effort!

Identifying Your Gifts—and How to Regift Them

If you have an artistic, musical or culinary talent, then this is a no-brainer for you. Frame your photographs, paint landscapes or portraits, write a song and set it to music, bake soufflés, or offer to cook your recipient a five-course meal. Easy.

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But what if you don’t have any gifts that translate into something you can actually put a bow on? What if your talents are a little more abstract? Use this list to start thinking about the ways you can use your unique gifts to give to others this Christmas.

1. Listening

You have a gift for setting others at ease and helping them work through their problems or pain—just by listening to them. You also probably know someone who has a tough time around the holidays and could benefit from a shoulder to cry on. This Christmas, tell them you’d like to take them for dinner or coffee so they can talk about whatever’s on their mind.

There’s nothing that’ll make your friend feel better than a good meal and a listening ear—especially if most people would rather ignore their friend’s problems for fear of dampening the holiday cheer.

2. Serving

You love helping. You volunteer regularly at a local church or nonprofit. So why not bless someone you know with that gift at Christmas? Present a coupon for one Saturday of your time, and try to make it specific to the recipient so they actually redeem it.

If the person keeps a beautiful yard, for example, offer to help them when they clean up from winter and plant new spring flowers. Or maybe your friend is always apologizing for the smashed Cheerios in their car that hasn’t been washed in who knows how long—years? Offer to drop by one day and wash it for them.

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3. Organizing

Everyone has a junk drawer, a garage that stores boxes instead of cars, or a coat closet that won’t shut . . . except maybe you, because you have a gift for making order out of chaos. If so, present your loved one with a coupon for your time organizing the messy catchall of their choice.

It might be wise to give this gift to everyone on your list (or at least everyone in a particular group) so no one feels singled out. Just be prepared to do lots of organizing in the coming year!

4. Learning

You’d be a lifelong student if it were a paying job, and you fly through books and devour documentaries. Share that love of learning with a friend by offering to pay their admission into a local museum or historic site for a day. Stroll the halls and galleries together soaking up all the fascinating facts you can. As a bonus, you’re giving them quality time with you!

Even if they don’t have quite the same zest for learning as you, they’ll still enjoy a few hours looking at dinosaur bones at the natural history museum, glimpsing stars through the telescope at the planetarium, or listening to the guide share harrowing details of the battle fought in the field you’re visiting. Everyone loves that stuff!

See what we mean? If you think creatively enough, you can figure out a thoughtful way to give of even your most unusual gifts. So this Christmas, before you head to the mall or settle in for a marathon online shopping session, consider regifting—by giving of your own gifts.

Be prepared for that awesome look of joy in your recipient’s face—and the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel for absolutely nailing it.

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