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A New Focus in Stewardship



What Are You Focusing On? Patrick Johnson believes a church can have a history of giving without being generous. “Generous churches are led by generous people,” he said.



God is doing something in the realm of stewardship right now. Patrick Johnson of GenerousChurch has seen it firsthand. Pastors are seeing the need for stewardship training, and many people are hungry for it.

There are two key areas that have helped to open pastors’ eyes.

One is that budgets have been flat or down for most churches lately. “That’s been a good wake-up call,” Patrick said. Leaders want to address the issue, get leaner, and get rid of church debt as a result. “It’s like when we get overweight and it finally starts to bug us enough to do something about it.”

The other is a shift from focusing on what you’re taking in to where it’s going. There’s a more external focus. “Bigger barns are not where it’s at anymore.” He knows of some churches that are working toward a 50-50 model that involves giving away half of what comes in.

Focusing on the Gospel

Not focusing on building buildings or raising funds frees us to focus on the biblical meaning of stewardship. Yes, giving is a factor, but maybe not in the way so many think about it.

Patrick encourages church leaders that the tithe is just the starting point of generosity. He says that most people could tithe in our culture. If their boss came in and cut their income by 10%, most people wouldn’t go bankrupt! “I think we need to go way past the tithe.”

Two of the most famous passages on giving (2 Corinthians 8 and 9) don’t talk about the tithe. “They compare giving to Christ’s sacrificial gift. They compare giving to churches that were in poverty but gave out of their own need.”

A church can have a history of giving without being generous. “Generous churches are led by generous people,” he said. “Start living it out. You can’t take people where you haven’t been.”

Above all, Patrick reminds us to focus on the gospel. It’s motivating to be led by a generous pastor who focuses on the gospel.

“Somebody said, ‘If you stare at Jesus long enough, you’ll become a giver; if you give long enough, you’ll become more like Christ,’” he said. “I believe that if you stare at the cross long enough, you’ll be a giver.”

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More About Patrick Johnson

How generous is your church? It’s not an easy question to answer, but Patrick Johnson of GenerousChurch has helped churches all over the country become more generous. Patrick also shares a helpful look at five attributes of a generous church in this video.

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