9 Gifts for Everyone on Your List

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A Gift Guide From Dave's Online Store

Christmas brings joy. Christmas shopping does not. What in the world do you buy everyone on your list? And how do you do it without busting your budget? It’s an annual challenge. We’ve made it a little easier for you this year. This merry little gift guide from the daveramsey.com online store will help you with those on your list, naughty or nice.

1. For Newlyweds:

They just got plates, silverware and bath towels. Now that they’ve become one, what they really need is to be on the same page with money. This is crucial for every married couple, especially newlyweds! Here are two great gift ideas. Buy a membership to Financial Peace University. They can take a class in their area and learn money habits that will last a lifetime. Or reserve seats for the couple at one of our live events in 2014. Talk about a memorable date night!

2. For New Parents:

The new baby is so adorable—and so time-consuming! Mom and dad don’t have all the time in the world anymore to read, but they can listen to audio books on their way to the grocery store to get more diapers. You can’t give them more sleep, but you could give Dave’s best-selling book, The Total Money Makeover as an audio MP3 download.


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Bonus Idea: Also consider opening a savings account in the baby’s name. That would be a great jumpstart for college!

3. For the Person Who Has Everything:

Maybe they have every gadget and gizmo under the sun. Bet they don’t have this! Get the Starter Special and help him or her get started on Dave’s plan with his number-one product bundle. It’s the perfect way to start a life of being smart with money.

4. For the Person Who Tells You Not to Get Them Anything:

We all have one on our lists. They tell you not to get them anything, but they’re disappointed when you don’t. It’s a trap! Here are two ways to avoid it. Get Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money. This is the official handbook of Financial Peace University. It offers money wisdom on everything from dumping debt to the importance of saving. Or consider the Starter Envelope System. It’s the perfect way to help them control what they spend on a daily basis.

Bonus Idea: If they really don’t want anything, you could always donate to their favorite charity. Can’t go wrong there!

5. For the Business Leader With All the Ideas:

He’s got a closet full of ties. She doesn’t need another scarf. How about EntreLeadership, Dave’s number-one New York Times best-seller on business? It’s how to win in business based on 20 years in the trenches, and it’s how you can win in gift giving.

6. For Recent College Grads:

Bless their hearts, they don’t have a clue what they’re in for! The work world is a harsh one, and there are all kinds of spending opportunities calling their names. Help them take control of their spending right out of the gate with Dave’s Cash Flow Planning DVD or the Designer Envelope System.

7. For Nieces and Nephews:

Don’t be Aunt and Uncle Scrooge this Christmas. Set little (insert your niece or nephew’s name there) up for a lifetime of success. Choose Financial Peace Junior for kids from 3–12 or Generation Change for teens. They’ll have fun learning money principles and values that will form a solid foundation for the rest of their lives.

8. For the Growing Family:

Help that growing family change their family tree with The Legacy Journey. It’s available in class and home study formats. Both versions come with a keepsake wooden Legacy Box for life’s important documents, access to a free will and a whole lot more. The home study version includes eight DVDs. They’ll learn how to leave more than just their names behind.

Bonus Idea: Take a new or old photograph and put it in a homemade frame. Photographs bring back great memories and make thoughtful gifts!

9. For Your Secret Santa or White Elephant Gift:

You could wrap a roll of toilet paper like last year, or you could bring something meaningful like a gift from Dave’s $10 Sale. Give a gift like personal finance software, a DVD or CD, or one of Dave’s best-selling books to set the course for a successful 2014. You probably won’t leave the party with anything that nice, but you’ll know you were a blessing to somebody.

There they are—some unique, meaningful and affordable gift ideas. Make your purchases then sit back and relax knowing your giftee will unwrap a gift of hope this season—and they’ll appreciate that way more than another itchy wool sweater.

Maybe Christmas shopping does bring joy!

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