7 Things to Not Miss in 2015

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It’s a new year, and a bunch of new content is making its way to the Dave Ramsey world! From product launches to community classes to live events, there’s plenty to get excited about in 2015.

Here’s how you can experience it all:

1. Download Dave’s Popular Video Channel App

Join the 250,000 listeners who’ve already downloaded Dave’s free video channel app. With it, you’ll get Dave’s top-rated radio show on a 24-hour stream direct from our lobby.

Watch debt-free screams, see behind-the-scenes interviews of Dave's team members, and get an in-depth look at how we’re helping people change their lives every day. And if you happen to miss a show, subscribe to "The Best of The Dave Ramsey Show" newsletter and see more of the month’s best clips with our brand-new host Ken Coleman.


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Learn about Dave's video channel and download the app here!

2. Sign Up for Financial Wellness in the Workplace

Many employees are too overwhelmed with debts and day-to-day living to focus on saving for retirement. That’s why we launched our newest product, SmartDollar, this January.

The employee-centered curriculum provides the simple direction and solid motivation that team members need to modify their behavior and make permanent life change. Check out smartdollar.com to learn how you can use this product in your office today.

3. Teach Your Middle Schoolers about Personal Finance

Dave’s Foundations in Personal Finance: High School Edition curriculum has changed the lives of nearly 2 million students, while the college edition has reached more than 450 campuses nationwide!

That’s big news. To celebrate, we’re creating an all-new Foundations curriculum in an easy-to-understand format specifically for middle school students. So if you’re a school administrator, a teacher or an interested parent, email us at youth@daveramsey.com for more information about this groundbreaking material for your students. Look for it later this year!

4. Check Out Rachel Cruze’s Best-Selling Parenting Book and Class

If you missed it in 2014, now’s your chance to read Rachel Cruze’s New York Times best seller, Smart Money Smart Kids. Dave and Rachel cover everything from teaching kids to budget to paying cash for college. And be on the lookout for Rachel’s brand-new Smart Money Smart Kids class, launching in churches across the country this spring.

5. Plug Into Chris Hogan’s Life-Changing Retirement Tool

Chris Hogan has been hard at work motivating Americans to reach their retirement goals. Find out how to “retire inspired” with his R:IQ Assessment tool available at chrishogan360.com. You can also catch Chris live on the stage at his first-ever Retire Inspired event this April, or see him with Dave on the Smart Money tour, kicking off in February.

Don't miss our 2015 live events!

6. Catch Christy Wright’s Awesome Side Business Blog

Christy Wright is the go-to voice for entrepreneurs wanting to start or grow their own side business. For weekly encouragement and tips, check out her insightful blog at christywright.com. It has everything you need to succeed in business and in life. You can also see Christy at the one-of-a-kind Entreleadership Summit in San Diego this May.

7. Watch for Chris Brown’s All-New Radio Podcast

Pastor Chris Brown is geared up for another great year of carrying his message of true biblical stewardship to church leaders and congregations around the country. In addition to speaking at major events like Momentum and Catalyst, he’ll also be spreading his dynamic vision for church stewardship through a new podcast in the coming months.

Watch for Chris Brown's new podcast on stewardshipcentral.org.

All of that is just the beginning—there are more surprises in store for Dave fans in 2015. Check back with us often to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Tell us what you look forward to the most from Dave Ramsey's team in 2015! Leave us a comment below.

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