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Home Buying & Selling

7 Deadly Sins That Are Killing Your Home Deal

4 Minute Read

You planted the For Sale sign in your yard weeks ago and just knew your phone would ring off the hook with offers. So far, all you hear are crickets chirping. You’re beginning to wonder why you even bothered to hire a real estate agent in the first place.

We’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is: You could be the problem. The good news is: You’ve got the power to fix it!

Here are seven signs you might be your own worst home-selling enemy.

1. Your Listing Photos Make an Old Polaroid Look Good

These days, buyers cruise for homes from the couch. If your online photos look like a 4-year-old took them, you’ll lose buyer interest before they ever pull up to the curb. That’s why it’s important to work with a pro who knows how to make your home shine on camera. You’d be amazed at the difference the right lighting and a wide-angle lens can make!

2. Buyers Can’t See the Counter for the Teas

Let’s play a game of pretend. Imagine you’re about to move. What’s the first thing you do? Pack up! So here’s a novel thought: Why not start now? Every little thing you have sitting out shrinks your space and reminds buyers that someone else lives there. It’s time to give your stuff an eviction notice! Clear off every surface, get your furniture out of the way, and tidy up all storage areas.

3. Your Home Smells Like Warm Cookies and Wet Dog

Your pup may be the cutest craze on YouTube, but cute doesn’t move real estate. If you want to attract buyers, you’ve got to pretend Lassie doesn’t live here anymore. Keep pets out of sight and out of mind by eliminating odors, stains and half-chewed rawhides before your first showing. Even better, send your fur babies to Grandma’s house for an extended stay until your home sells.

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4. You’re Setting the Wrong Mood

Unless Batman’s in the market for a new lair, dark corners are not your friend. Bright rooms make your home look bigger, so throw back the curtains and shine a light on every nook and cranny! Start by filling lamps and overhead fixtures with 100-watt bulbs. Add a warm and cozy feel with a few candles and a fire in the fireplace.

5. Three’s a Crowd

News flash: You and your home are not a matching set! Sticking around for showings does nothing but make everyone feel awkward. Leave the questions to the agent and give the buyer room to look around without you breathing down their neck. After all, do you really want to stand in the way of the buyer’s ability to see your house as their dream home?

6. The Price Is Wrong

It’s hard to put a price on the place that’s housed so many memories over the years. We get it! But it’s time to set sentiment—and your mortgage statement—aside and be realistic about what someone will pay for your home. An experienced real estate agent can help you price your home competitively based on current market values.

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7. You Won’t Let Go of a Dud Agent

Okay, it’s true. The problem could be your real estate agent. But a do-nothing won’t give themselves a kick in the pants. That’s your job! You’ll be paying your agent thousands of dollars to get your home sold, so make sure they’re worth the money. If your agent doesn’t measure up, find one who does right away!

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