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7 Christmas Gifts You Could Do Without

4 Minute Read

For some of us, it happens every year.

You sit down next to the tree or you attend a gift-giving party and someone gives you a gift that you never would’ve bought for yourself. You take the gift home, put it in the closet, and maybe regift it sometime next year. The only thing worse than being the recipient of one of these gifts is being the giver.

If you’re thinking that any of these gifts might work for your special giftee, you might want to think twice:

1. That thing that guy in the mall kiosk is selling

That guy harasses you every time you walk by him. He’s like a multi-level marketer on multi-level marketing steroids. There’s the little loopty-loop plane. Then there’s the little circle thingy that bounces around on sticks. Then there are the oils and the soaps and the $10 trinkets. Unless you’re into giving gifts that will be forgotten (or broken) in two days, avoid that guy at the mall kiosk.

2. Ties and socks

Unless you’re a cute 3-year-old giving a cute gift to your father (if so, well done on the whole reading thing), then socks and ties are just a no-go. If you give a pack of socks or a tie, you’re basically saying, “I bought this tie 30 minutes ago after I realized while pumping gas on the way to your party that I was going to your party without a gift. Merry Christmas! Here’s a $10 tie.”

3. Vacuum cleaners and blenders

Let’s sit down and talk for a second, guys. Never, under any circumstances, do you buy any kind of kitchen appliance or household item that could remotely be considered a hint. Translation: That new vacuum cleaner says, “Our carpet is dirty, honey. Here’s something to help you do a better job of cleaning our house.” The blender? “I would like you to cook more for me. Here’s an item that will help you do that, and hopefully it will make your food better too.” Unless one is specifically requested, steer clear of “hint” items.

4. Living, breathing beings

Let’s clarify this one. Never give a living, breathing being, like a dog, to someone without first knowing it’s actually something they want. When you buy a dog, you’re hopefully committed to costs that come with owning a dog. However, when the dog shows up in the form of a gift under the tree, you never had the chance to make that decision. Your nephews might love the new dog, but your sister might ship a bag of dog poo with her thank-you card.

5. The gift you can’t afford

You’ve seen the car commercials. You walk outside on a crisp Christmas morning with your wife and sitting there in your driveway is a brand-new SUV with a red bow on top! How generous of you to unexpectedly “give” your wife $40,000 in debt. Just think, she’ll remember this amazing gift every month as she writes the $600 check for the next five years!

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6. The passive-aggressive gift

This might be better known as the mother-in-law gift. How sweet of good ol’ mom-in-law to give you 10 Ways to Become a Better Wife (written by the author of What to Do When Your Son Marries a Horrible Woman). 

7. Clothing

Socks and ties aren’t the only bad idea. Pretty much any clothing in general is going to be a gamble unless you’ve been given specific instruction from the other person (e.g. your wife has told you exactly which dress in exactly what size to buy). Otherwise, you’re left with trying to guess style and size. Do you really want that responsibility? If you’re still not following, imagine your girlfriend, after seeing the new jeans you gave her, saying this: “This is two sizes too big, honey. Do you think I’m fat?”

If you give one of these gifts, know that you’ll forever be blacklisted as the guy or girl who gives bad Christmas gifts.

It’s a difficult label to overcome. So avoid these gift-giving dead ends to make your future Christmases much more pleasant.

What are some other gifts you could do without? If you want a gift that will always make people happy, see all that we have to offer in Dave Ramsey's store!

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