6 (More) Financial Faux Pas

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A few months ago, we introduced you to the first article in our series of financial faux pas.

These are the breaches of etiquette people commonly make with money. They’re the little actions that often result in a lot of awkwardness. And, sadly, they can eventually build a wall between family members and friends.

What exactly are we talking about? Here are six (more) financial faux pas:


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1. Asking how much something costs

C’mon, man. This takes tacky to a whole new level. If you really want to know how much something costs, there’s this little thing called the internet that will help you. You don’t need to ask your buddy how much he paid for his Mercedes.

2. Splitting the dinner bill evenly without fair warning

Isn’t this just the worst? You’ve got a tight budget, and you know exactly how much you can spend on eating out that month. Some friends invite you out to dinner. They order appetizers, drinks, entrees and desserts, while you order an appetizer, a cheap entrée and water. When the bill comes, though, they want to split it, which means your $20 bill would instantly become $50. Come again?

3. Using a coupon on the first date

This is a can of worms, and, yes, we just opened it. We’ve talked about this before on the Dave Ramsey website, so this isn’t anything new. You know we love coupons, and we think couponing is an awesome way to save money and spend less. A first date, though, is a unique situation. If your date already knows you well, then go for it. But if you’ve just recently met, we say to hold off on the coupon.

4. Asking your parents for money . . . after you’ve graduated from college

You know who you don’t have to ask for money? An employer! When you work for them, they put money in your bank account at regularly scheduled increments. It’s fantastic! Mom and Dad have been footing the bill for 22 years. Give them a break.

5. Buying something nice before you pay back a loan

You already know loans are stupid, but loans to or from family members and friends are the stupidest. Why? Because here’s what happens: You loan your buddy John $500. Six months later, you see John post “I love my new iPhone!” on Facebook. Wait a minute: John can’t pay you back but he has the money to buy a new iPhone? This happens all the time, and it’s one of the many reasons why loans are a terrible idea.

6. Asking for charitable donations . . . all the time

We love to give because giving is awesome—especially when we’re giving to a worthy cause. But what’s not awesome is being asked, by the same person, to give to their cause all the time. This is the equivalent of verbal spam. If it showed up in your email inbox, you would automatically delete it. Most of us love charity and are more than happy to help out, but being constantly pressured by someone to give is not a healthy situation.

All right. Time to ’fess up.

Have you ever committed one of these financial faux pas? Tell us in the comments!

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