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Home Buying & Selling

Homebuyers: 5 Warning Signs You've Got a Bad Agent

3 Minute Read

If you’re like most homebuyers, you’re probably unfamiliar with the home-buying process, so you tend to second-guess yourself if your agent fails to meet your expectations. Are you being high maintenance, or is this just the way business is done? Take a look at this list of five red flags you could encounter as you shop for a home. If you run into any of these, the problem isn’t you—it’s your agent.

1. Communication issues

One of the most common complaints homebuyers have about their real estate agents is that they can’t get in touch with them easily. As the housing market heats up, it’s becoming more important to move quickly when you find a home you’re interested in. If your agent isn’t responding to you in a reasonable amount of time and it’s costing you home-buying opportunities, you and your agent are missing out!

2. Power struggles

It takes a certain level of confidence to walk with homebuyers through one of the most expensive purchases they’ll ever make, but that doesn’t mean your real estate agent can forget that you’re the boss. An agent who pressures you to consider homes that are out of your budget or pushes you to accept a price that’s too high may be more interested in their commission than in helping you find a home you can afford.

3. Lack of leadership

The opposite side of that coin is an agent who agrees with you on everything and doesn’t offer any guidance. You want an agent who can give you honest advice based on their research and experience—even when you may not fully agree. An agent who’s too wishy-washy may not have the experience you need to negotiate a good deal on your new home.

4. Abundance of attitude

As we mentioned, you want your agent to have confidence in their ability to do a great job for you, but that shouldn’t translate into rudeness. No matter how many questions you have or how basic they may be, your agent should have the patience to answer each one without a lot of confusing jargon. You should also be able to trust your agent to behave professionally on your behalf. Remember, you don’t have to put up with attitude to get a great real estate agent.

5. You’re getting nowhere

If you’ve been working with your agent for months and aren’t any closer to buying a home than when you started, that’s a big problem. Admittedly, you could be contributing to the problem if you’re being too critical of the homes your agent shows you. But if your agent isn’t showing you homes at all or is showing you homes that you’ve said aren’t right for you, you’re wasting time. It may be time to hire a new agent.

Work With a Great Agent From the Start

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