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4 Ways to Unify Your Team

Have you ever watched a football game where a team is performing so well, so perfectly in sync, it’s almost magical? Their actions look more like ballet than sport.

There is a reason for such grace—unity. The players are working as one, putting the good of the team ahead of their own personal glories.

Luckily, unity is not confined to the gridiron. You can find it in business too. In fact, it’s a major characteristic of nearly every successful company. They don’t have employees—they have team members who care for one another, their leaders and, ultimately, the business.

So how does unity happen? It’s not magic. It can be created intentionally and become part of your culture. As Dave teaches in Lesson 7 of EntreLeadership Master Series, people don’t naturally unify; they must be led to do so. And that starts by showing your team that you care. Here are a few ways to begin.

1. Share Your Purpose

A football team’s ultimate goal is pretty simple: win the game. For your company, it may not be so simple. For a team to pull together, they have to know what they are fighting for. Restate your goals, vision and mission early and often. At our company, everyone is required to memorize the mission statement. Each player knows how they fit into the game and what they must do for the team to win.

2. Be an Open Book

Be open with your team and always share the news, both good and bad. Lack of communication leads to fear, anger, disunity and turnover. What they don’t know will hurt them. In fact, they’ll probably make it 10 times worse than the actual reality. By simply letting your people know what’s happening, you’ll see your team come together, whether in celebration or during tough times.

3. Let Them Eat Cake

Nothing says “Let’s unite!” like a free ham sandwich. Breaking bread together naturally bonds people. It’s also a great way for those in your company who don’t know each other to meet and begin building relationships. Dave feels it’s so important, he provides lunch for his team each week. Once a month, everyone gets together to celebrate birthdays with cake and ice cream. Our Christmas party is legendary as much for the food served as it is for the lavish gifts, and the meal creates incredible synergy among our team.

4. Be Golden

The best way to let your team know that you care is actually the simplest: follow the Golden Rule. As it says in Luke 6:31, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Put yourself in their shoes and then act the way you’d want to be treated. When you would expect to be praised, praise. When there’s a problem you would expect help with, lend a hand.

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By intentionally fostering a culture of unity, you can take your team and company to a soul-satisfying place, where people are passionate about their jobs and customers are always served. It’s like scoring a touchdown every day.

For even more great ideas on team unity, download Dave’s EntreLeadership podcast that includes a very special interview with former NFL coach Tony Dungy.

In 20 years, Dave has grown his company to a national winning brand with more than 300 team members who have impacted millions of lives. His company has been named one of the “Best Places to Work in Nashville” four years in a row. EntreLeadership is how he’s done it and how you can do it too. Get your copy of the new book now!

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