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4 Things You Must Include in Your Budget

2 Minute Read

Many people working on their debt snowball believe they have to turn all their attention to paying creditors, even at the expense of their households. That’s not true, and it’s definitely not right.

When you create your budget, be sure to take care of the Four Walls. The Four Walls are your basic necessities, like food, shelter (including utilities) basic clothing and transportation.

So cut out the brand-name clothes, the fancy restaurants and even the expensive cable package. And if you can, sell one of your cars. But keep up with your necessities.

By maintaining the Four Walls, you stabilize your situation so you can begin to find margin in your budget to attack your debt.

Remember this: Your creditors don’t care about you. They just want to get your money. So focus on the important over the urgent. And that starts with taking care of your Four Walls first. Those are your necessities.

A popular and dynamic speaker on the topics of financial education and leadership, Chris Hogan also works with business and high-profile clients across the country helping them develop strategies to increase revenues, build wealth and secure their financial futures. Get more information about Chris visit and follow him on Twitter @ChrisHogan360.

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