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4 Things for Budget Nerds to Tackle in 2014

3 Minute Read

You’re the budget Nerd—and despite what pop culture tells you, it’s a tremendous blessing.

You have attention to detail, and that is incredibly important when it comes to getting out of debt and becoming wealthy. If you are married to a Free Spirit, as many Nerds are, you’re bound to butt heads over how to handle money.

While being the planner and detail person is a vital role, it’s not the only one. Having a Free Spirit in the house is a great opportunity to work on developing a well-rounded approach to money. Teamwork goes a long way toward accomplishing mutual goals.

Here are five things the Nerd can work on in the new year:

Making a budget

Wait, you may be asking yourself. Don’t I already do this? Most likely. But what we mean is making sure you ask the Free Spirit for input on what is spent and where. If you consider the plan final as soon as you finish it, the Free Spirit will resent you for treating them like a child. Remember, there are two adults in the house. Maybe they want to take some money out of one category and put it in another. As long as the whole thing balances and you both agree to it, that’s fine. Be willing to give some leeway.

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Having some fun

Yes, this means you. Make sure the fun money category in your budget has some cash in it so you can enjoy some dinners out, a show or a vacation. Part of the money experience is being able to enjoy it; the process isn’t just about budgets and retirement plans. Some people have to be more deliberate in rewarding themselves. If you’re one of them, make sure you do.

Not being a hall monitor

It’s good to be vigilant about sticking to the spending plan, but if your husband or wife feels like you are peeking over their shoulder, it can lead to fights at best and resentful spending at worst. Trust them. They will see that you trust them. And they will work to keep that trust.

Planning, but not obsessing

The quickest way to spread worry is to be worried yourself. People can sense anxiety coming from you, and it unsettles them. When you make the budget, stick to it without obsessing. When you are relaxed, so is everyone in your household.

Just like the Nerds could work on a few new things in 2014, the Free Spirits can as well. Now it’s time to work on your budget . . . together. Create an easy, quick budget online right now for free.

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