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3 Ways to Give to Your Team This Holiday Season

Do the sounds of Christmas make you giddy? Are you so full of holiday cheer that you could give Clark Griswold a run for his money? Well, there's good reason for it. In study after study, it's been proven that it is more blessed to give than receive. Simple acts of kindness and generosity can help your heart, relieve pain, and pump up your immune system.

They're also good business. By having a generous spirit toward those who help you win, success will naturally follow. You'll be attracting and keeping extremely passionate, talented people who are willing to slay dragons right alongside you. So in the spirit of Christmas—the ultimate time of giving—we're offering some ideas on how you can spread your blessings and help your heart too!

Get Your Party On

With our economy still as sluggish as grandpa after a holiday dinner, companies are continuing to slash their budgets, including the office Christmas party. While understandable, you can still host a seasonal celebration while avoiding—no offense to Santa Claus—going into the red.

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When Dave first started his company, he couldn't afford a massive shindig. Instead, his team gathered at his house for a potluck dinner. During the party, Dave called up each team member and shared what he liked most about them. It was touching and something everyone looked forward to each year. Today, the company Christmas party is legendary, with lavish gifts and five-star dining. But no matter how much time has passed, the early celebrations are still held in incredibly high regard and can move the longtime veterans to tears.

A Spirit of Generosity

If you ask a super successful business leader what they like most about running their own company, you might be surprised at the answer. It's almost never about the money. Instead, it's their ability to serve. "Being generous is the hallmark of people who live successful lives and who operate business with soul," Dave says.

So how can you help? Make sure your team is properly taken care of, including generous pay, incentives to win and sharing your products and services. Do you make the best spaghetti sauce in the country? Then your staff should have eaten so much, they're sick of it.

Lending a Helping Hand

Want to make your team members passionate about their jobs? Let them know they are doing work that matters. One of the easiest ways to do it is by getting involved in your community. Hold a fund-raiser for a local school or charity, give your team paid time off to lend a helping hand, or offer your products and services to those in need.

With the new year close at hand, it's time to make new goals, including putting line items of "generosity" in your budget for the next holiday season and throughout the year. Although it is an investment, it will be returned ten-fold. In other words, don't be a Scrooge—because you'll only lose.

In 20 years, Dave has grown his company to a national winning brand with more than 300 team members who have impacted millions of lives. His company has been named one of the “Best Places to Work in Nashville” four years in a row. EntreLeadership is how he’s done it and how you can do it too. Get your copy of the new book now!

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