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Personal Development

3 Ways to Take Personal Responsibility During the Election

3 Minute Read

Early voting started last week—maybe you’ve heard? And it’s not just Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton who’ve pinned their hopes to the outcome on Election Day. Many people are convinced that their own personal financial futures depend on the "right" person taking office.

Here’s a fact: No one in Washington can fix your money problems. And no politician cares more about your family or your financial future than you do.

That’s why it’s up to you to take action. Here are three ways to have a positive impact on your future, starting now:

1. Balance your budget.

Candidates love to talk about how they’ll cut spending and balance the budget. We’ll believe it when we see it. Take a lesson from their out-of-control spending and make your budget every month before the month begins. When you give every dollar a name and hold yourself to your plan, you’ll have a perfectly balanced budget every time! That wasn’t so hard, was it America?

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2. Attack your debt.

The national debt stands at $19 trillion (and counting). That’s almost too big to imagine. But think of it this way: No matter how many zeros you have behind your credit card balance or student loan debt, it’s nowhere near $19 trillion! That means you can do it! Pay off your debt quickly using the debt snowball and watch those zeros shrink into one big, fat zero.

Lead others to financial peace! It’s easier than you think. Learn how.

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3. Save for your future.

No matter how often politicians argue about Social Security, the simple truth is you can’t count on these benefits to last forever. They will run out. So prepare for your future as soon as you can. When you’re out of debt with a fully funded emergency fund, put 15% of your household income into good growth stock mutual funds. Don’t worry if you can’t save much yet. Start where you’re at, and keep growing!

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Don’t wait on Washington to change your future. Change it yourself.

One Last Thing

Remember, it’s okay to have political opinions. And by all means, vote for the candidate you believe is best for the job. But don’t depend on him or her to solve all your problems.

Presidents come and go, but the money decisions you make today will affect your family for decades to come. Don’t wait on Washington to change your future. Change it yourself.

You can make a difference this election season!