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13 for 2013: Your Friends’ Facebook Status Updates in January

3 Minute Read

Facebook: We love to hate it and hate to love it.

But whether we love Facebook or hate it, we’re using it. As of January 2013, nearly 169 million Americans are Facebook users.  

That’s a lot of status updates. And in January, with the new year underway and everyone excited to talk about their resolutions and goals and how they plan on saving money, you’ve probably already seen a few more updates than normal.

Have you seen any of these status updates … or better yet, posted one yourself?

The Gym Newbie: Got my gym membership! Woohoo! Weight loss here I come!

The Gym Rat: Can a man find an open treadmill at the gym? All these newbies. Can’t wait until February when they stop coming.

The Dreamer: So excited about 2013! I’m going to open a restaurant and sail the Caribbean and adopt three abandoned dogs and travel to see my great-grandmother in the Ukraine! Can’t wait!

The Anti-Dreamer: Everybody’s like, “I’m gonna do this,” and “I’m gonna do that,” and I’m just over here eating a sandwich.

The Political Post Guy: Can you believe what [insert politician’s name] said about [insert heated political topic]? It’s time for [preferred political party] to unite and not take this crap anymore! The [non-preferred political party] is ruining this nation!

MC Bad Grammar: in 2013 I gone run lotta miles an stop eatin fry foods lol wishe me luck tho

The Air Head: OMG! Shut up! My paycheck is $20 less this month! How did this happen? [political post guy responds]

The Hipster: Goodwill has become so mainstream. I buy my locally grown organic cotton V-necks from an Amish farmer named Malachi. Two for $10.

The Ambiguous Guy: YES!

The Quoter: “You are a winner and everyone likes you and you are not a loser even if people don’t like you and win succeed do special things. Yes!” —Famous Motivational Speaker Person

The Whiner: Um, guy in front of me in the drive thru, how many burgers do you really need? Is that a small army in your car or do you just love burgers?

Mr. Financial Disaster: Leased a new BMW! Bling Bling!

Mr. Dave Says: Dave Ramsey says you have no business leasing a BMW. You should be ashamed of yourself for choosing to make such awful financial decisions with your life. Dave Ramsey would NOT approve of this activity!

Chime in and tell us what you think. What are some of the other most common Facebook status updates in your news feed this time of year?