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Turning Points

$115K in Debt but They Just Didn't Quit!

2 Minute Read

“I looked at my situation and I had no money . . . and I thought, this is not how it is supposed to work,” Aaron said.

Aaron served our country as a Marine and bought properties wherever he was stationed. He quickly found himself in the middle of real estate debt when multiple mortgages caught up with him. Looking for a change, Aaron started listening to The Dave Ramsey Show podcasts and working toward financial peace.

“I listened to what he was saying about the Bible and how we can be better stewards, and I realized that’s what I needed to do with my life,” said Aaron.

Aaron was in the process of becoming debt-free when he met Madelyn. While his financial situation was on the mend, her situation couldn’t have been more opposite.

“I took out loans to cover everything for grad school—including my housing,” Madelyn said.

Madelyn finished grad school with $80,000 in debt. She was working two jobs but couldn’t make ends meet. Between her student loan debt and spending habits, she was in the red every month.

“We had a really serious discussion about money and I told him, ‘if you want to break up with me because of this, I understand,’” said Madelyn.

But Aaron didn’t make a hasty decision. Instead, he simply asked Madelyn to listen to Dave’s podcast on her commute to work.

“It resonated with me,” Madelyn said. “That was my turning point.”

Aaron and Madelyn got engaged and went through Financial Peace University together. They cash-flowed their wedding, then began to chip away at their combined debt. All their hard work paid off after two and a half years. They were finally free of the $115,000 burden!

“She married a Marine, and we just don’t quit,” Aaron said .

Watch more of Aaron and Madelyn’s inspiring story below.

For more encouraging stories like this, watch The Dave Ramsey Show!

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