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10 Things You Wish You Knew in College

How many times have you said, "I wish I had known that earlier before I did something stupid"? If you're like the rest of us, probably more times than you care to admit!

However, we can pass along our lessons learned to those who follow and hopefully save them some heartache, time and money—especially when it comes to college life.

Dave's Facebook and Twitter fans were quick to offer college advice that they learned the hard way:

The “free” t-shirt is not worth the $5,000 credit limit that you will blow through in two months and not pay off for five years. – silverspark05 on Twitter

Embrace being poor! It’s the only time in your life that no one will look at you funny when you tell them you can't afford it. If you can't buy it with cash, you don't need it. – Joy on Facebook

Sallie Mae is like lots of college girls: looks great at first, but she only wants your money! – dbells on Twitter

Put a dollar in the bank instead of buying all those snacks from the machines! I'd be rich and skinny today if I had done that. – Amy on Facebook

That cheeseburger might be easy to swallow now, but how easy will it be to swallow when you're paying interest on it in five years? – trey_daugherty on Twitter

Homemade lunches do not make you a loser! – Evangeline on Facebook

Find out what your degree really makes. I'm a journalist and it turns out that not every journalist gets to travel the world and make millions. – I_Brookshire on Twitter

If you need a student loan, apply for more scholarships. If you need a credit card, you can't afford it. If it doesn't benefit your education, you don't need it. Restaurants, cool apartments and nice gadgets do not help you through college. – Diana on Facebook

You don't have as much money as your parents, so stop acting like it. – Ruth on Facebook

More expensive education does not mean better education. – Richard on Facebook

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