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4 Minute Read

10 Apps That Will Save You Money This Christmas

4 Minute Read

The U.S. now has more than 100 million smartphone users. Yeah, that's a lot of people with fancy phones.

During the holiday season, all of those people have a great opportunity to save money in a lot of cool ways. There are literally thousands of apps—both good and bad—that tout the ability to organize your finances, find great deals, and save money.

Using these apps is a great way to save money—that is, as long as you can afford to own a smartphone in the first place.

So to help you save money—which you know we love to do—we dug around and found some of the best free apps out there for money management.

Gas Buddy
With all the shopping and sitting in traffic, your gas budget can take a hit during the Christmas season. This app, which is supported by a community of users, locates the gas stations nearest you and let's you compare prices.

Traveling this Christmas? This app allows you to compare hotel, air, and rental car prices for a number of companies. Not only that, but you can book everything you need for traveling as well!

Google Voice
Stay in touch with your family during the holiday season with Google Voice, a free app that allows you make free phone calls and text messages, as well as offering a lot of other great features.

Amazon Price Check
This is freaky, futuristic stuff. You're in a store. You see an item. You wonder if you can get it on Amazon for cheaper. With this app, all you have to do is scan the item with your phone, take a picture of it, say the name of the item into your speaker, or simply type it out. Then, you can instantly compare prices.

If you're heading on a Christmas vacation and you're still looking for an affordable place to stay, you might want to consider Airbnb. With this app, you can browse through thousands of apartments and homes for rent from other Airbnb users. Book a place easily with your phone. And you can even put your place up for rent!

Free App Tracker
Maybe you think our list isn't that great and you want to find your own apps that help you save money. Well, check out Free App Tracker. It tells you about apps that are free or have recently dropped in price. Think of this app as a super awesome cycle of saving—a FREE app that tells you about other FREE apps that will allow you to SAVE money at Christmas!

Coupon Sherpa
Take pride in your couponing skills! Coupon Sherpa brings the best coupons on the internet onto your phone. Simply show the coupon on your phone at checkout, and you're good to go. Or email it to yourself and print it out. This app also has a lot of other great features to help you organize your couponing life.

Red Laser
The New York Times called this app one of the 10 must-have apps for your iPhone. With Red Laser, you can do everything from comparison shop to finding coupons and good deals to storing loyalty cards and even get product descriptions, reviews, and nutritional information. This is an awesome app to have handy during the Christmas season.

The Skype app is another great way to talk with your family, for free, during the Christmas season. When you call another user with the Skype app, you won't have to worry about using your wireless minutes.

The Dave Ramsey Show App
You know we can't write an article like this without mentioning our own app, right? With The Dave Ramsey Show app, you can listen to Dave's show every day live and access the last 30 days of shows commercial free. And if you need an answer to a specific question—like, for example, how to avoid going in debt during Christmas—then you can browse through hundreds of caller questions and listen to Dave's answers!

There's somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 trillion apps out there (slight exaggeration), so hopefully we've narrowed it down for you a little bit.

The great thing about these 10 apps is that they are all free! Download one or download all and head out with the masses to shop and travel this Christmas season.

What apps do you use? Leave a comment below.