What Are Tax Credits?

Want to shave hundreds of dollars off your tax bill? Of course you do! Tax credits can help you reduce what you owe in taxes, and some of them can actually leave you with money in your pocket.

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A Financial Plan That Works

Dave Ramsey, author of The Total Money Makeover, gives commonsense financial advice for people of all walks of life. Learn how to manage your money today!

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Business & Leadership

How to Start a Financial Coaching Business

Here are best tips for how to start a financial coaching business. If you’re considering becoming a financial coach as a new side hustle you don’t want to miss what this coach has to say.

How to Calculate Your Tax Withholdings


How to Calculate Your Tax Withholdings

Think that big tax refund is free money? Think again! That means you’ve been giving Uncle Sam too much of your money during the year. Adjusting your tax withholdings can fix that real quick!

What Is a Tax Deduction?


What Is a Tax Deduction?

What if we told you that you could save a chunk of money on your taxes this year? Figuring out what tax deductions you can claim on your return might help you keep a lot more money in your pocket!

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Small-Business Taxes 101

You know who likes paying taxes? Nobody. But we have to do it, so it's good to know what the small business tax rates are for 2020—if for no other reason than to keep the IRS off your back.

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Home Selling

Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

Having trouble selling your home? Don’t worry. You can get to the bottom of it! To find out what might be wrong and how to fix it, here’s a list of common reasons why a home isn’t selling.

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What Are State Income Taxes?

A handful of states don't have any state income taxes. But many, many more states do have them. You know where you live, but does your state collect income taxes? You better find out.