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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
Find the answer to your question here.

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What happens to the debt?

Elizabeth is a high school student, who is studying Dave's "Foundations in Personal Finance" curriculum. She calls in to ask what happens to someone's debt when they die, and there are no heirs to take responsibility for what they owed.

Expenses, not income

Dave explains to Lewis why an emergency fund should be based on three to six months of expenses, not income.

Access to my checking account?

Ashley wants to know if paying her taxes online will give the government electronic access to her checking account. Dave explains that it will for that transaction, and he details his stance on this sort of thing.

Many already know

Josh wonders how he can convince his fellow millennials that government isn't the answer to everything. Dave explains he thinks many millennials already know this.

Two extremes

Alan's mom has a big problem, and he's not sure how to handle things. Dave talks Alan through a tough situation involving theft and a family member.

It's a gimmick

Steve asks Dave about a new supplemental insurance that covers layoffs. Dave thinks it's just a gimmick. He advises Steve to self-insure for things like this with an emergency fund.

More than one?

Brian asks Dave if it's possible to open more than one Roth IRA account. Dave explains that it is, and he gives Brian a little more information about the Roth IRA.

They don't want to make it easy!

Rob asks Dave if there's a reason it's difficult to close out credit cards online. Listen as Dave gives him the reason, along with a detailed explanation of just how hard these companies work — and how much money they spend — to get and keep customers.

Debt and income crisis

Bill has a lot debt, and little income, as he finds himself starting over financially in life. He asks about using a consolidation company, but Dave urges him to stay away from those types of things.

Boss says get a credit card

John's new job requires him to pay for company expenses out of his own pocket. He will be reimbursed each month, but John doesn't like this way of doing business. Dave offers some advice, and gives his take on how company expenses should be handled.