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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
Find the answer to your question here.

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Listen to your heart

Julie's estranged father died recently. Her uncles didn't request money, but they asked if she wanted to be part of things by paying part of his final expenses. Julie wonders if she has an obligation to help. Dave tells her to follow her heart.

Arrested development

Listen as Dave addresses a recent news story about the parents who had to sue their 30-year-old son to get him out of the house.

Stay away from it

Does Carl want to get involved with a subsidized mortgage loan? Dave doesn't think so, and he explains why during this call.

Low vs. no

Is a low credit score the same as no credit score? Dave explains the difference to Laura, and offers advice where buying a home is concerned.

Laptop dilemma

Lisa and her husband have just started Dave's plan. Previously, they told their nephews they would buy them laptop computers for college. Now, this would mean postponing the Baby Steps or taking on more debt. Dave sets them straight, and reminds Lisa it's difficult to be generous when you're broke.

A look at tax day

You remembered to pay your taxes, right? Take a few moments to listen, and enjoy Dave's Tax Day 2018 review from earlier this week.

Tiny home depreciation?

Will a "tiny home" depreciate in value like a trailer? Dave addresses this question, and adds some additional advice for Romeo.

What happens to the debt?

Elizabeth is a high school student, who is studying Dave's "Foundations in Personal Finance" curriculum. She calls in to ask what happens to someone's debt when they die, and there are no heirs to take responsibility for what they owed.

Expenses, not income

Dave explains to Lewis why an emergency fund should be based on three to six months of expenses, not income.

Access to my checking account?

Ashley wants to know if paying her taxes online will give the government electronic access to her checking account. Dave explains that it will for that transaction, and he details his stance on this sort of thing.