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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
Find the answer to your question here.

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A burden to help?

Robbie asks if the adult children of healthy senior citizens, who failed to plan for retirement, have an obligation to help the parents financially. Dave offers some guidelines, while suggesting there may be a bigger question in the mix.

Envelopes and debit cards

Sarah feels her attempts to budget are suffering, because she only uses her debit card to pay for things. Listen as Dave offers some advice, explains the envelope system, and discusses the principles to successful budgeting. It's a great teaching segment.

The numbers don't lie

Nathan seems to think there are good kinds of debt. Dave explains why he feels this is wrong, and how debt impacts your life in the present and in the future.

Hiring the right person

Bryan is having trouble with a hiring decision, because both candidates are evenly matched after several interviews. Dave offers a few suggestions that might help make the choice a little easier.

Insurance after diagnosis

Nate asks Dave how to get insurance after a cancer scare. Dave goes over some options and offers support.

Happy Fourth of July!

Listen as Dave takes a few moments before Independence Day to remind everyone that America still offers more opportunity, liberty, and freedom than any other country on earth.

Absolutely not!

Should Ferisa and her husband move their emergency fund from a money market account to a short-term bond fund? Dave doesn't like this idea, and he explains the reasons why.

A hobby that makes money

Pat has a hobby that has begun earning money. She asks Dave if it's time to consider her artwork a business.

Not fond of the system

Angel wonders if a person would have a credit report if they have never had debt. Listen as Dave answers her question, and gives some behind-the-scenes information about the credit reporting industry.