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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
Find the answer to your question here.

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Renting vs. buying

After several calls on the topic, Dave takes a few minutes to address the old renting versus buying debate.

When to start the process

When should you start looking for a good real estate agent and mortgage company? Dave answers Sarah's questions.

Budget billing for utilities?

Dave says budget billing plans for utilities are a great idea, especially if you're just starting to get control of your finances.

Three things

Listen as Dave addresses research findings on marriage versus co-habitation, and their effects on financial stability.

Travel expenses?

Can Roxanne get the job done without a credit card? Dave lays out a plan to cover her travel expenses and avoid debt.

Taking responsibility

Anne Marie and her husband are on Baby Step 2. Recently, her mother-in-law informed them she had taken out a Parent PLUS Loan years ago to help her son with college. Now, she wants them to take responsibility for paying back the loan. Listen as Dave and his in-studio guest, Anthony ONeal, discuss the situation.

Handling small business growth

Karin's small business is growing like crazy, and she's not sure how to handle everything. Listen as Dave gives her some great advice that would benefit any budding entrepreneur.