Have Not Paid IRS

Della needs to work on a stronger marriage for a start, when she discovers a $100,000 IRS lien due to her husband not filing tax returns.

QUESTION: Della has $40,000 in credit card debt, and just found out she has a $100,000 IRS lien on their home. Her husband just revealed that to her. What should their strategy be here? Dave says working on a stronger marriage is a start.

ANSWER: This man is going to jail if he doesn’t file tax returns. If you don’t file them posthaste and work an amnesty program with them, then he’ll go to jail if they find him. If he turns himself in, the chance of jail time goes down considerably. This is like a guy doing drugs in your house. It’s not all right and it’s not good. Face this issue because it’s VERY serious. If you’re in a good church, get with your pastor. You guys need to address your issues, and your marriage is where it starts.