Small Taxes, Big Refund, Big Wimp

Dave thinks Brett is a big-time wimp. Why? It has to do with the size of your tax refund.

QUESTION: Brett, referring to a caller to Dave’s show who gets a huge tax refund but falls short hundreds of dollars a month, thinks it’s better to get a smaller paycheck and a big tax refund, because getting an extra $200 a month gives you 26 chances a year to blow it. Dave gets hot on this.

ANSWER: I expect you to be more than a child, Brett! You’re a wimp who doesn’t have any discipline. People mess up all the time; I know that. But this whole idea of loaning the government hundreds of dollars a month while you’re starving to death and getting a big tax refund when they don’t know how they are going to pay their bills; that’s stupid! All because you don’t think you can control you? Then don’t be a wimp and control you. If you don’t get interest on it, at least you get the use of your money throughout the year and you can make smart decisions with it. Don’t be a wimp.